Project Management

Project Management

When it comes to project management of the interior fit-out designs in Dubai, we can bet to outperform every set benchmark. The reason for this confidence is nothing but the potential of our strong project management team which works day and night on developing and building project portfolios in collaboration with the clients’ requirements for delivering something that is exceptional in all the terms.


Managing a project is just like giving life to a plant, where everything is taken care of from planting to watering, and then fertilising, so as to enjoy the fruits at the end. Our professional project managers with years of experience have every vital leadership skill and capability to successfully lead the project from the stage of initiation to finally handing over to the client.


Fit-out designing and construction require technical skills and expertise from the very first step of planning; and at Grandor Interiors, they are done just like that! It’s all because of the essence of our project managers.

Project Management Process

At Grandor Interiors, we follow a thoughtful process of project management, which includes the following steps -

  • - 1. Design Planning
  • - 2. Budgeting & Costing
  • - 3. Meeting Client for Discussions
  • - 4. Finalising the Layout
  • - 5. Execution of the Plan
  • - 6. Regular Quality Checks
  • - 7. Customer Reporting
  • - 8. Control & Supervision
  • - 9. Project Completion
  • - 10. Follow Up and Feedback

The steps above ensure that the project taken is completed as per the desire of the customer and handed over only after quality assurance checks.

Why Choose Grandor Interiors?

The project management services undertaken by our project managers include the following benefits -

  • - 1. Identification of the best resources needed
  • - 2. Execution of work plans
  • - 3. Timely completion of the projects
  • - 4. Regular reporting to the clients
  • - 5. Regular quality checks
  • - 6. Ensure approvals and permits
  • - 7. Customisation at every step

It’s all because of the strict adherence to the processes and project management tools, which has helped Grandor Interiors achieve higher standards of efficiency.

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