Best Gypsum & Cement Sheet Partition Contractors in Dubai

Nothing can be as cost-effective as giving the same space a better look and utilising it for several purposes. If you have a small space that you have been using for a single purpose as of now, you can give it a fantastic fit-out designing by availing our services at Grandor Interiors.

We have the complete partition solutions to refurbish your space in a cost-effective manner and will give you the benefit of utilising that same space for several purposes.

From designing to developing the fit-out partitions in your building, we will help you get everything in the right time and with the best plan.



The Different Types of Partition Fit-Outs
  • 1. Gypsum Partitions
  • 2. Cement Sheet Partitions

We provide all types of gypsum partitions including gypsum board works, gypsum board ceiling works, false ceiling works, etc., which help in making astonishing partitions in the same available space to give it a new look.

The cement sheets are another form of partition material that we use to provide the fit-out solutions in buildings. The cement sheets are available in a huge variety which include cement boards, fibre cement boards, etc., which are used in the kitchen cabinets and various other spaces to provide fit-out partitions appropriately.

Why Choose Grandor Interiors?

The partitions let you make the best use of the same space at a very reasonable cost. Whether you want such services in your residential houses, in the field of hospitality, or in the case of retail or commercial business spaces, the partition fit-outs can let you get the exact solution. Here are the best partition fit-out benefits you can avail with us -

  • - 1. Cost benefit
  • - 2. Space benefit
  • - 3. Best project management
  • - 4. Theme-based designing
  • - 5. Development and building
  • - 6. Effective structuring

If you wish to give your space an exquisite look, and desirous of making the best use of the available space. we have some effective partition fit-out plans for you at Grandor Interiors, Dubai, UAE.

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